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Dear valued Customer,
With the desire to provide you with the best service quality, not only inside Toong's workplace but also on your way to work every day, we are partnering with BE to give you an exclusive offer for the new year.
This tailored promotion, applied to BeBike, BeCar, and BeCorporate services, will hopefully transform your commuting experience between Toong's locations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 

The promotion runs from 06/02/2023 to 30/04/2023, where you will get:

  • 10 FREE trips/user BeBike/BeCar 20% off (maximum 50K), available for all customers working at Toong’s workplaces in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.
  • Up to 10% discount for corporations when registering a BeCorporate account during this period.

Offer only applied to trips from or to 15 buildings managed by TOONG in HCM & Hanoi.
Detailed instructions on how to use the offer from BE App are listed below:



We hope that you will have many safe and enjoyable journeys with this exclusive promotion.
Best regards,

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