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Work Environment Solutions

Why choose us?

We're not just saving you 65% precious budget

An enhanced ecosystem of services

By sharing all facilities, you can enjoy an enhanced ecosystem of services, encompassing infrastructure, wifi, reception, cleaning service, IT assistance, meeting room, business lounge, library, nap zone, gallery, garden, while eliminating hidden costs and reducing stress of operating your own office.

Maximum flexibility

Our full suite of studio services come along with a flexible contract length, various size selections and the ability to accommodate a sudden growth of your company with seamless moves, and free access to all Toong’s locations.

but also fostering your growth with a holistic work experience


Each Toong location is built upon a unique architectural concept rooted in the locality. All concepts are fine-tuned to complement the whole service ecosystem in the neighborhood, in quest of truly fulfilling your days.


We are cultivating a culture that celebrates diversity, aesthetics, and ethics through different aspects, from tangible elements expressed in our meaningful design concept to intangible elements conveyed in our experimental programs to naturally fuel your inner growth.


By assimilating ingenious an ecosystem and sensory factors into every minute detail, we are creating Toong as a place where inhabitants can reconnect to nature, awaken their senses, and achieve mindfulness.


At Toong, you are naturally immersed in the imaginative world of aesthetics, surrounded by monumental, thought-provoking artworks and frequently-changing exhibitions. You are encouraged to think profoundly and venture beyond stereotypical ideas.


We believe that technology should be limitless and forever evolving to fit your modern lifestyle. We keep updating innovative solutions to simplify your work processes. Meanwhile, Toong is emerging as a hub for both tech giants and startups with disruptive ideas.


It’s you who are the most crucial element of our whole ecosystem. Meet your future collaborators and like-minded fellows whose core values resonate with yours, then realize your ambitious vision together at Toong.

Working Pakages

Individuals Plans

An economical solution on a daily, monthly, or annually basis for independent workers and freelance teams.


A fully-furnished and cost-saving office for micro, small, and medium enterprises that want to settle down.

Meeting Room

Ensure your meetings run smoother and reduce administration time with our fully-integrated solution.

Event Space

Our venues, which impress with tasteful design and high-class facilities, will surely bring the most satisfactory experiences to your guests.