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Asset Management

Why choose us?

Our proven-track record of transforming different types of properties into sophisticated yet profit-making coworking spaces.


Our clients’ size varies. We assemble disruptive startups, mid-size firms, and megacorps.


Our community extends across numerous fields, from PE, F&B, art, e-commerce to finance, hospitality, media and NGOs.

occupancy rate
80 %

within a ramp-up period of 8 weeks after the grand opening for our latest location.

Higher returns.
Maximum values.

  • Short payback period (16 months)

  • Lower construction cost

  • High return per sqm (1,5% above average)

  • Diminish opportunity costs

A thoughtful process

Toong harnesses its range and depth of experience to provide innovative solutions for devoted asset management.

Site analysis 1/6

To come up with the best business plan, our team is committed to truly comprehending the property and its ecosystem.

Concept design 2/6

An architectural concept that speaks relevantly to the local demographics will turn your property into not only a readily-sold place, but a trademark in its area.

Set-up monitoring and quality assurance 3/6

To decrease your stress, Toong works with architects, engineers, suppliers, and artists throughout every phase – from initial calculation to building maintenance.

Layered marketing that results in sales 4/6

Implementing different marketing layers allows us to cover the media landscape, boost pre-opening sales, and attract high-quality customers.

Overarching operations 5/6

We make sure that the workplace works efficiently from high-level oversight to the smallest details,

Building a thriving culture 6/6

We nurture cultural vitality as a dimension of everyday life, thus transforming your property into a home for a community of noble creators.