— Your First Place After Home



Beyond a stylish workspace, we create a platform that prioritizes human. Enrich character, foster self-evolution, and nurture a progressive community. Those are what we do to motivate every single individual to create new values and ultimately, change the world for the better.




Toong offers clients full control and maximum flexibility of time and space such that it best fit the nature of their work.

An economical solution on daily, monthly, or annually basis for independent workers and freelance teams.

A fully furnished office for micro, small, and medium enterprises which want to settle down.

Ensure your meetings to run smoother and reduce administration time with our fully-integrated solution.

Our venues can accommodate up to 150 guests and our in-house marketing team will help to make your event unmissable.

Save up to 65% of your office rental and operation expenses, and gain access to:

An ecosystem of services, from the basics to the boutique amenities invested in human capital.

A forward-thinking community, rich in diversity and dialogues

All current and future Toong locations, each with a unique and mindful design concept

Painstakingly-curated content: workshops, speaker series, fashion treatment, and the unexpected

Exclusive privileges in wellness programs, high-art performances, cuisine experience from our network of partners.

Be a better you, physically, intellectually, and spiritually


 At Toong, we believe that everyone possesses undiscovered potentials.  With in-depth understanding about the daily journey of business people, we collaborate with reputed partners to mindfully infuse into their days with well-rounded activity series, hence, naturally help everyone transform into a better version of themselves and explore their true potentials.