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We collaborate with real estate developers and investors to exploit and manage their asset. By unlocking the buildings’ true potential and cultivating wholesome working environment for savvy workers, we ultimately help them optimize monthly return and maximize real estate values.


Our proven-track record

More and more enterprises are making the move to coworking. Toong has been revolutionizing different types of properties into sophisticated yet profit-making coworking spaces. Our current stations are the transformations of a French villa, a factory, a residential area, historic buildings, a warehouse, a car park, commercial centers, and a 5-star complex.



Our clients’ size varies. We assemble disruptive startups, mid-size firms, and megacorps.



From PE, F&B, filmmaking, e-commerce to finance, hospitality, media and NGO.


% occupancy rate

within a ramp-up period of 8 weeks after the grand opening for our latest location.

Higher returns. Maximum values.

By detecting the hidden qualities of a property, we help our partners achieve higher returns and maximize real estate values.

A payback period as short as 16 months

You can make the most of your goal in the shortest span of time with our proven business model and thoughtful development strategies that exploit the space’s potentials.

Lower construction cost

Save your precious time and budget as Toong has a proven track record of speedy and productive execution.

The return per sqm is 1,5% higher above average

The property’s value will increase when plugged into our chain, thanks to the elite community that we are building.

Our multifaceted experience also lets us unlock the true potential of your space via our mindful design and best-curated content.

Diminish opportunity costs

You will no longer be stressful handling an excess of vendors, tenants, and facility maintenance.

A proven process

Toong harnesses its range and depth of experience in developing work environment to provide innovative solutions for devoted asset management.

Build to suit: Site analysis

Site analysis

To come up with feasible business plans and frame the best one, our team is committed to truly comprehending the property and the ecosystem around it.

Build to suit: design supervison

Concept development

A design concept that speaks relevantly to the customs and tastes of local demographics will turn your property into a readily-sold space

Construction monitoring

Set-up monitoring and quality assurance

For you to get away from stress, Toong works with architects, engineers, and suppliers throughout every single phase – from initial calculation to building maintenance.

Layered marketing

Layered marketing that results in sales

Implementing different marketing layers allows us to cover the media landscape, boost pre-opening sales, and generate more leads for your property.

Build to suit: day to day operation

Day-to-day operations

Taking care from high-level oversight like growing community to small details like changing bulbs, we make sure that the workspace really works.

Build a culture

Building a culture that thrives

Art therapy, social hackathon, creative conferences, and a wide range of activities are curated by Toong to add extra values for customers, thereby increasing the retention rate.

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