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Thông báo về việc vận hành theo CT16 tại TPHCM

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Ho Chi Minh City officially applies social distancing regulations from 09/07/2021, we would like to announce some changes in our operation, including some notices for all members that intend to work at Toong during this period:

  1. Our locations in Saigon will remain open during social distancing.
  2. We will temporarily close all public art events and cultural activities. However, if you are a Toong member, art will always be present in our space to enrich your working day.
  3. We will continue to disinfect all spaces everyday and apply social distancing regulations in the workplace in order to keep every customer, as well as our associates working at each location, safe and healthy.

- Cùng thực hiện 5K của Bộ Y tế khi làm việc tại Toong:

• Luôn đeo khẩu trang 

• Thường xuyên khử khuẩn 

• Giữ khoảng cách 2m khi làm việc trong Studio, tại không gian chung và khi ăn uống.

• Không tụ tập theo nhóm quá 2 người 

• Khai báo y tế

- Tạm ngừng hoạt động các Phòng ngủ, Phòng chức năng và Quầy cà phê.

Thank you for prioritizing safety and responsibility in a very challenging period of public health, and especially, the very “health" of our beloved Saigon!

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