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20 Samsenthai Road, Nongduang Nua Village, Sikhottabong District, Vientiane, Laos

Leasing and Customer Support: +856 (20) 55032400

Situated at Vientiane’s gateway, Toong Samsenthai stays within an A-level office complex which is directly connected to the Crowne Plaza. Thus, its residents can gain access to the hotel’s ecosystem of 5-star services, as well as engage with the city’s most forward-thinking business community.

The key concept of Toong Samsenthai springs from the Mekong River, the sacred symbol and the main sinew that formed the unique history, culture and livelihood of Laotians. Embodying the image of the river, the ceiling is made of inox steel, mirroring daily activities in the working space. It’s not only the Mekong’s essential role in shaping the past, present and future of Vientiane we want to depict, but also the river as a giver of life, a wellspring that has nourished the civilizations in Indochina and bound them together.

In the belief that there are many rich yet unexplored layers of culture hidden within the region, and a common stream of knowledge and values running throughout Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia will be precious nutrients for any creators, we aim at building Toong Samsenthai into a meaningful place for progressive entrepreneurs and creative folks in Vientiane.




Enjoy your work while immersing in a sight to behold

Meeting room

Our coziest room to hold your meeting in a warm atmosphere with natural lighting, suitable to meet every need.

Communal Space

A tight-knit community of innovators, entrepreneurs, creators across Vientiane and Indochina.

Vibrant, progressive community

Free coffee & library

Green & lush backyard

Privileges for Crown plaza’s services

Get a many exclusively special discount for the high-end services, from gym, spa to restaurant, lounge, pool.