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Wínk Tran Phu (Coming soon)

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Building on our project at Wínk Nguyen Binh Khiem in HCMC, we're proud to continue partnership with Wínk Hotels to open two new workspaces at Wínk Tran Phu and Wínk Tran Hung Dao in the city of Da Nang.

This projects mark not only the addition of a new city to our extensive network, but also a new milestone in our dedicated journey to cultivate inspiring work environments for the progressive community in Vietnam.

The paramount locations on two sides of the Han River give our workplaces the privilege of enjoying the panoramic views over the city. But more than merely offering a visually-breathtaking workspace, we're continuing on our mission to create meaningful places where the spirit of contemporary innovation and local cultural heritage are thoughtfully integrated, where the creative and entrepreneurs can feel at home. And for Da Nang, deemed Vietnam's most livable city, we hope the new workspace will enrich and elevate the city's famed quality of life.


With just 2/3 expense compared to traditional offices, your business gain access to a wholesome workplace with an ecosystem of services.

24/7 working hours (conditions applied)

Complimentary Instant Tea & Coffee

Mail Handling Service & Receptionist

High-Speed Internet

Free Locker (conditions applied)

Cleaning services

..and many more premium add-ons

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