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Toong 198 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Dist.3

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Located at the strategic golden area in the city center, Toong 198 Minh Khai overlooks Tao Dan Park - one of the biggest “green lungs" in Saigon - thus offering an iconic working experience. A harmonious combination of natural landscape and innovative applied arts right in the middle of a vibrant city.

For the first time, applied arts are integrated into a work environment. The artworks will shift regularly in interface and topics, constantly providing users with new inspirations, ideas, and catalysts for innovation. The common area is equipped with cutting-edge amenities to meet the increasing demand for life quality elevation of urban office workers.

The interior design replaces usual sharp corners with smooth curved borders that connect the ceiling, walls, and floor to achieve a unique aesthetic-sensory impression. On the 11th and 14th floors, one-way mirrors are utilized, allowing users to observe the entire outside space, while retaining a complete sense of privacy. Boutique offices are separated by a one-way glass walkway, combined with an interior design that replaces sharp angles with smooth curved borders connecting the ceiling, wall, and floor to create a unique aesthetic-sensory impression.

The users, therefore, will feel as if they are living inside the world of art.


With just 2/3 expense compared to traditional offices, your business gain access to a wholesome workplace with an ecosystem of services.

Complimentary Instant Tea & Coffee

Mail Handling Service & Receptionist

High-Speed Internet

Cleaning services

..and many more premium add-ons

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