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An antithesis to the predominant concept of coworking space, Toong came into the picture at the time when most coworking spaces around the world were solely revolving around stylish, tech-driven, startup-oriented places that focus on businesses’ growth. Meanwhile, Toong was born out of the philosophy that the work environment should, first and foremost, nurture the self-transformation of every individual, which will result in a tremendous momentum to their businesses.

Established in August 2015, when just running a coworking space was a far-fetched idea in Vietnam, Toong has kept exponentially expanding, covering 14 sites across 5 cities in Indochina at the moment, all thanks to one unwavering principle that is the core of everything we do.

We believe that to nurture a better world, each human must be a force for good. As a human is a vital cell of their organization and society. And it’s us who hold responsibility for everything happening in our organization and society, whether it is good or bad. And via a human-centered platform, we are fostering the current workforce whose what they do can reform the current society and then make a lasting impact on the next generations.




Cultivating virtue is the root of human development

We humans are like trees. To become a creator, one must take deep roots in virtue before growing branches, which are knowledge, proficiency, techniques. That’s why ethics is the first thing that Toong look for in staff, partners, and clients. For humans with unsteady virtue, no matter how competent they are, they will end up like trees with unstable roots: the thicker the foliage is, the more easily the tree can fall down.



Innovation through tradition

Creation should originate from the appreciation and inheritance of tradition. Each nation, throughout its history, has been refining and crystallizing a treasure of precious heritages, which embody sustainable values and conform to the laws of nature. In the belief that tradition and creative spirit are inseparable, at Toong, we take inspiration from the local culture to design meaningful spaces and enriched curriculum for everyone to develop physically and intellectually, socially and introspectively.



Keep reinventing constantly

 Human lives in the realm of nature. As nature constantly changes, a human cannot cease to evolve. Thus, the reinvention is not a destination, yet a nonstop journey. With that in mind, Toong never takes a break in the journey of inventing again and anew, not only in one stage but in every step of our progress. And such intrinsic value is the impulse for Toong to make nonstop effort to self-evolve ever since the first day.