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2nd Floor, 64 Preah Monivong Boulevard, Daun Penh Dist., Phnom Penh

Leasing and Customer Support: +84 94 401 6969

Located in a boulevard named after the great King Monivong, Toong Monivong shares the same neighborhood with Phnom Penh’s highest and symbolic skyscraper – the Vattanac tower and the Royal Railway Station, which makes a direct connection to the Pochentong International Airport. Within a 5-minute walk from Toong Monivong, you are environed by an ecosystem of premium services for the city’s entrepreneurs and intellectuals.

Paying tribute to the iconic architecture of the ubiquitous Chinese shophouses around the Canal de Vernéveuille – a colonial heritage dated back to the 19th century and now renovated into a public park, Toong Monivong captures the quintessence of haute-craft: devotion, persistence, patience – which embody the same work spirit that we cherish, by integrating some finest textural and sculptural details of an aterlier. Plus, with the delicate ornamentation which subtly juxtaposes Cambodian antique replicas and modernist furniture, the workspace renders an urban rhythm with a stroke of historic memories.

Toong Monivong will go into operation in July 2019.

A glimpse of history

The beguiling blend of architecture along the Canal de Verneveuille.


The charm of natural, local materials

Employing the exquisite handcrafted terracotta tree pots to the marsala cement tiles, we create a space drawn to earthen materials and interpret the city’s topography in a new way.