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Quartered at the key traffic junction of Cau Giay district, Toong IPH fulfills a day in the life of urban professionals, thanks to its close proximity to an ecosystem of services belonging to a complex of international standard, which encompasses CGV, Starbucks, Highland Coffee, a huddle of restaurants, gym, spa, kindergarten, supermarkets and shopping malls.

The fact that Toong IPH shares the neighborhood with some of the most prestigious universities and a cluster of booming tech hubs in Hanoi offers another boon for businesses which are in need of a young and bright talent pool with a full gamut of expertise, particularly IT, technology, and media.

Spanning on an area of 2,000 m2, Toong IPH is brightened up with a spectacular spectrum of radiant colors deprived from a collection of the self-woven brocade dresses of the H’mong ethnic minority embellished with exquisite, symbolic motifs.

The workspace offers 500 seats for individuals and approximately 90 studios for businesses of all sizes, and is equipped with a coffee bar, a pantry, phone booths, a nap zone, chillaxing space, meeting rooms, assuring both secluded work corners for those who needs some utter privacy and open space that bolsters creative collision.



Flexible studios

Our serviced offices with beautiful interiors and bespoke furniture is ready to provoke instant inspiration for your work.

Cozy meeting rooms

Call a meeting. We have both unique spaces both creative thinking and high-end venues for all-imporant board.

Training Space

Book this fully-equipped space for your next in-house training session.

Nap Zone

We offer napzone so you can have a short snooze sometimes annd bounce back stronger.

Phone booth

The soundproof phone booth will ensure both your privacy and others’ demand for quietude.