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Toong Embassy is situated at the very center of the diplomatic area nearby the West Lake. Within 500m from Toong Embassy, there are to-be-built embassies of more than 10 nations, including Korea, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Kuwait, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Hungary, China.

Reflecting the convergence of the international cultural currents in Hanoi, Toong Embassy is envisioned like a global hub. Its interior design turns down any stereotype to improvise patterns on ceilings, walls and floors, implying the cultural diversity.

The workspace is integrated in a complex of offices and high-class apartments, which allows customers to enjoy a wholesome day with the built-in utilities, such as swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, just to name a few.


Fully-furnished studios

With full services included in one package. we provide you with the most flexible accommodation.

Multifunctional meeting rooms

Have your meeting organized in our thoroughly-equipped meeting rooms. They can be adapted to both formal meetups and lively brainstorming sessions.

Elegant communal space

Let yourself be surrounded by amazing views onto the city, and start your work with countless inspiration everyday!