— Your First Place After Home

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 Like a hidden oasis in the middle of the hectic Saigon, Toong 20 Minh Khai is separated from the hustle and bustle by a narrow lane on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street.

It is something never-seen-before in the city, as it is the first resort-like coworking space. Harmonizing the modern urban charm with a serene and organic ambiance, Toong 20 Minh Khai lets entrepreneurs and white-collar workers take fresher air, live a more balanced life, and get things done by the ultimate lifestyle of productivity.



A labyrinth structure

 The premises are gently embraced by a labyrinth-inspired
structure with hundreds of outlets on the wall, where rays of light pour through and fill the space with warmth

Green foliage

Forest is for rest!