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 From an old printing factory to an innovative coworking space, Toong Minh Khai was born from an inspiration to construct a contemporary work environment which retains the structure of the 30-year-old Itaxa building in the heart of Saigon.

Traditional walls are replaced with glass doors. The two storeys were expanded to create a skylight, where we grow an indoor garden of tropical plants. Everything makes an oasis amid the busy center of Ho Chi Minh City – a haven for the progressive Saigonese to gather and be inspired day by day.



A contemporary indoor garden

The traditional corridor is replaced with an abundant flora composed of symbolic Vietnamese plants so you can stay a little closer to nature and let the greenery gives you fresher air and more relaxed mind.

Concept Store

Exclusively for fresh and meaningful ideas to be exhibited and shared, and seeds of innovations to be nurtured.

Art gallery

A small world made of beauty amid an urban workplace for you to gain new perspectives of life.

Coffee lab

Stop by and learn about the processes of creating the taste of a cup of coffee, or customize your own cup of coffee based on readily available ingredients.