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    2nd Floor, 64 Preah Monivong Boulevard, Daun Penh Dist., Phnom Penh.

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  • Help Desk +84 94 401 6969

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Toong Monivong is located on a prominent boulevard that runs centrally across Daun Penh, Phnom Penh’s prestigious financial district and home to a great number of government institutions, historic landmarks, cultural attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés.

With interiors artfully designed by our founder and local architectural studio Bloom, Toong Monivong is a minimalist workspace with elegant accents drawn on Phnom Penh’s Chinese-style shophouses once resided along the Canal de Vernéville, now the Vattanac Lifestyle Park. From industrial tables, rattan chairs, earthenware tree pots to glass partitions, cement tiles and wood doors, it embodies the spirit of a contemporary atelier. Also arranged here are artworks by Cambodian artist Sothea Thang. His experimental, handcrafted approach to materials results in delicate sculptures and arresting installations that are reflective of traditional Khmer culture, adding a lyrical touch to the whole space.

Vibrant but also thoughtfully balanced, Toong Monivong is a place where cultural heritage blends with modern-day sensibility, an innovative environment where everyone can take pleasure in work and be inspired to create the future.