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[December 13, 2018] Focusing on meaningful core values is the key of a successful business, said Duong Do – founder of the first co-working space chain flourished from Indochina.


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CEO Toong: Creating future from the national identity

[January 07, 2019] “Can not keep the core values, we are just like the water” – Duong Do said while pouring tea into a glass of water. The color of water changed. “We will be easily altered by the others” – he continued.


[April 10, 2018] The leading Vietnamese startup in co-working spaces will expand into Laos and Cambodia this year by partnering with property developers in the region.


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Toong launches a 2.0 version of Coworking Space

[April 14, 2018] For the first time, a coworking space is integrated with an ecosystem of service including a concept store, coffee lab, yoga room,  exhibition space.

Balancing Modernity With Tradition In The Workplace

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Balancing Modernity With Tradition In The Workplace

[November 29, 2017] With a team of just 15 people,  Toong is extending beyond its hometown of Hanoi into Ho Chi Minh City.


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CEO Toong: If a startup is a kid, let him grow up and self-nurture an ambition

[October 13, 2016] The CEO of Toong shares his vision of bringing Vietnamese startups to the global market.