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[October 18, 2019] Toong was founded in 2015 in Hanoi. Since then, the co-working space company has expanded to Nha Trang, Saigon, and regionally to Cambodia and Laos. And they’ve done so with a nurturing, creative mindset inspired by CEO Duong Do.


[December 13, 2018] Focusing on meaningful core values is the key of a successful business, said Duong Do – founder of the first co-working space chain flourished from Indochina.


[April 10, 2018] The leading Vietnamese startup in co-working spaces will expand into Laos and Cambodia this year by partnering with property developers in the region.


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CEO Toong: Creating future from the national identity

[January 07, 2019] “War and rebellion have shaped the major chapters of Vietnam’s history. And due to the long history of war,  Vietnamese had the tendency of struggling for survival. Most people limited their contribution within their family and themselves, instead of the whole society. It’s time that we have to change.”

Balancing Modernity With Tradition In The Workplace

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Balancing Modernity With Tradition In The Workplace

[November 29, 2017] With a team of just 15 people, Toong is extending beyond its hometown of Hanoi into Ho Chi Minh City.


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Toong launches a 2.0 version of Coworking Space

[April 14, 2018] For the first time, a coworking space is integrated with an ecosystem of service including a concept store, coffee lab, yoga room, exhibition space.


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CEO Toong: If a startup is a kid, let him grow up and self-nurture an ambition

[October 13, 2016] The CEO of Toong shares his vision of bringing Vietnamese startups to the global market.