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Material Culture In Vietnam: A Dialog Between Paper & Plastic

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Prior to the moment a creator embarks on executing an idea, inspiration ought to manifest, materials need to be decided, and medium determined. Not unlike the process in which a chef prepares his dish, he shall selectively gather and carefully prep the ingredients.The concept and materials through which it’s realized both reflect, influence, and define many facets of our cultures, the spirit of the time, along with its inhabitants’ identity and mentality.

We have brought together the world of art, craft, and writings through three respective projects that exemplify the interests and mindset of local creatives. Each of them acts as a source of materials for which artists, writers, and makers can examine, investigate, and employ for their future endeavors .

- “Tuoi Tre Chu Nghia” is a collection of printed pages from Tuoi Tre Cuoi Tuan, one of the country’s most revered newspapers, to which journalists, artists, and emerging writers have contributed exceptional articles, illustrations, short stories and poems for decades on end. The collection is archived through the years by Nguyen Trong Chuc, former Managing Editor of the title.

- The second project is instigated by FabLab. Concerning the traditional paper-making technique by the Muong in Hoa Binh Province, it provides a close examination into handmade methods using natural plants found in their local habitat, from which craft paper adopted by generations of artists and writers are created.

- An installation by contemporary artist Uudam Tran Nguyen, ‘Thở | Breathe’ is composed of used plastic bags collected by the artist and his team. The artwork prompts mindful contemplation for our relationship with mass consumption and the planet Earth, by transforming these single-use objects whose lifespan can last up to 1,000 years into a spectacular ‘breathing’ mechanism.

* Inspired by the journey of discovering new depths in idyllic materials and driven by the craving for disseminating aesthetic values, Art of Reinvention - a cultural platform cultivated by TOONG and curated by GỐCCREATION.

* Free entry exhibition.

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