— Your First Place After Home



We offer full-serviced hotdesk space located at prime city spots, with affordable rates for freelancers, gig workers, dynamic entrepreneurs, travelers, and short-term project teams. Not to mention that you will no longer have to buy coffee every day!


Ways to work


No matter whether you are a freelancer on the lookout for a dedicated desk or a digital nomad who needs some inspiration to get stuff done in a short span of time, we can cater your specific requirements.

Our individual plans include:

An ecosystem of services, from the basics to the boutique amenities such as business lounge, library, nap room, bathroom, gallery, indoor garden, and more.

Access to a forward-thinking community, rich in diversity and dialogues

Access to all current and future Toong locations, each with a unique and mindful design concept

Painstakingly-curated content: workshops, speaker series, fashion treatment, and the unexpected

Exclusive privileges in wellness programs, high-art performances, cuisine experience from our network of partners.

Be a better you, physically, intellectually, and spiritually


 At Toong, we believe that everyone possesses undiscovered potentials. With in-depth understanding about the daily journey of business people, we collaborate with reputed partners to mindfully infuse into their days with well-rounded activity series, hence, naturally help everyone transform into a better version of themselves and explore their true potentials.