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Exhibition: The Way Back

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One Road, Many Destinations 

Utilizing traditional materials in Vietnamese culture such as rush, jute, and water hyacinth fibers, "Way Back Home" depicts a part of rustic charm, takes us to the laid-back atmosphere of a typical serene countryside while reflecting the intrinsic value ​that we human all seek after: the desire to dream and to imagine. Just put your bare feet on "Way Back Home" and see where it will take you to in your fathomless inner world.

"Way Back Home" also marks the return of artist Nguyen Thuy Trang since "Lam To" exhibition (2015 at Toong Trang Thi) and Carnevale Di Venezia exhibition (2014). This time, she is accompanied by Le Thu Ha Binh, a 11-year-old talented artist with 8 years experience of painting.

Inspired by the journey of discovering new depths in idyllic materials and driven by the craving for disseminating aesthetic values, Art of Reinvention - a cultural platform cultivated by TOONG and curated by GỐCCREATION.


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