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We help large corporations develop a better-in-every-aspect working environment for their own. Our problem-solving creative approach realizes an inspirational workspace which enhances their brand stories, unleashes the full potential of their talent pool, while saving their investment and precious time.


Growth-driven offices require a translator, an advisor, a builder


A greatly-designed space makes room for personal development. Every element from the traffic master plan, space management, décor, furniture to fittings and lighting scheme, background music, the fragrance must be considered to serve that purpose.

Give strategic advice

To unveil your actual needs and give appropriate advice, we start with understanding you through a special process.

Translate your needs to a business plan

Speaking both business and creative languages allows us to co-create with designers and actualize your ideal workspace and even make it better than expected.

Adapt to any premises

We have revamped a French villa, an old hotel, a printing factory, a 5-star complex, historic buildings, shopping malls, a car park. All into inspiring workspaces that amplify your business.

A problem-solving development process

Aside from the technical expertise and quality assurance you expect, we deliver a surprising amount of creativity, and care.

Build to suit: in depth interview

In-depth investigation

We conduct in-depth interviews with your team to comprehend your culture and unveil your unconscious demands.

Build to suit: Site analysis

Premise analysis

Utilizing our brand recognition and a network of prominent real estate partners, we narrow down some best premise options for you to select.

Build to suit: design supervison

Design supervising

With the design sensibility in our DNA, we translate your requirements into a design that streamlines collaboration and enriches your brand story.

Construction monitoring

Construction monitoring

Toong coordinates every project suppliers, from construction to design and artwork. We make sure everything, from facade to fittings, is delivered with quality, on time, and on budget.

Build to suit: day to day operation

Testing operation and handover

A skilled operation team will be recruited and trained right after the site opening. Toong will hand over our proven management procedures in case you don’t require the 6th phase.

Daily operation

Day-to-day operation

Your employees gain all privileged access to all locations across Toong’s network as well as our curated programs.

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